Hume Industries (NZ) Ltd

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Hume Industries was purchased in 1997 and is a division of the Building Sector


Humes Limited was incorporated in Victoria, Australia on 26th July 1920, under the name of Hume Pipe Company (Australia) Limited
Walter Hume discovered a way to apply the same technique to making concrete pipes. Using the new method, concrete was spun horizontally within a steel mould using centrifugal force. The result was stronger pipes - with more uniformity and durability than competing products
This subsequently became Hume Brothers Cement Iron Company Ltd. That company was operating factories in Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart, manufacturing centrifugally spun reinforced concrete pipes by the method patented by Hume Bros, and also in countries abroad when it was formed into the Hume Pipe Company (Aust) Ltd in 1920.
WR Hume was appointed Managing Director and held that position until his death in July 1943.

Walter Hume established the first factory in, New Zealand (about May) in 1923, located in Masterton. Prior to 1923 Hume pipes were imported for contracts, pronbably from circa 1916

In 1922 Singapore Hume Pipe Company was incorporated in Victoria, to operate the Hume process in Malaya (the name changed to Hume Pipe (Far East) Ltd in 1933).

In 1950 Hume Pipe Company (Australia) Limited names was changed to Humes Limited, to acquire the business of Humes’ Patent Cementiron Syndicate Ltd, which was formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1910, the promoters being EJ and WR Hume (Hume Bros)
Walter Hume laid the foundation of company that would soon move into a wide range of associated manufacturing endeavours.

In the 1950s Hume’s' Wanganui foundry opened, producing a large range of cast iron products and a range of waterworks fittings, later evolving into the more specialised company, Hume’s Castings.

In 1951 Humes Industries (NZ) Ltd was established, an independent subsidiary formed from the New Zealand Branches of Humes Ltd and Hume Steel Ltd.

In 1957 Humes Industries (South Seas) Ltd was established in Suva, Fiji
1966 the company provided an offshore circulating water system for the Marsden Point Power Station at Whangarei Heads.
In 1970 were three factories in New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington and one in the South Island

Meanwhile, on the pipeline side, by 1991 Hume’s Drainage & Water main sales centres had commenced marketing and distributing concrete, plastic, iron and earthenware pipeline products and precast directly to drainage contractors, water main contractors and local authorities.

In 1997 Hume’s was acquired by Fletcher Challenge Building Division
July 1999, Hume’s was behind the most significant innovation in concrete pipe manufacturing in 75 years! After substantial research and development Hume’s introduced Vertical Pipe manufacturing to New Zealand. The vertical process produces Roller Compacted reinforced pipe (RCP) which is manufactured from the Humes Hamilton plant. The RCP pipe forms part of the Titan Concrete Pipe Range. Another industry milestone was to follow in 2000 – Hume’s were the first pipe manufacturer in Australasia to gain Standard Mark approval for their RCP range.
Hume’s Pipeline Systems and its sister company CSP Pacific are divisions of Fletcher Building, a New Zealand based group of businesses operating in, and supplying to, the building and construction industries in New Zealand, Australia, North and South America, Hong Kong and the South Pacific. Fletcher Building has had a major hand in creating the environment in which New Zealanders live.