Winstone Ltd

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Date closed
In 1864 William Winstone started business in Auckland as a coal merchant and carrier. In 1869 he entered into partnership with his brother George under the name W and G Winstone and in addition to the business already established they became involved in quarrying and excavating.

George Winstone junior joined the firm in 1891 and in 1895 was put in charge of setting out work and despatching teams. William Percy Winstone joined in 1897 and was given responsibility for the forwarding department.

In 1904 a Ltd company was formed under the name Winstone Ltd. The directors and executive officers of the new company were George Winstone (Chairman of Directors), William Winstone (Director), Frederick Brock Winstone (Director, Secretary and General Manager), George Winstone jnr (Director) and W Percy Winstone (Director). William Winstone now ceased taking an active part in management.

Winstone Ltd became involved in shipping in 1905 when it acquired its first scow for transporting shingle, sand and coal.

In 1906 a customs department was opened. With the growth of the building supplies department under George Winstone jnr,
the forwarding department was handed over to another company. WP Winstone took over management of the Winstone transport deparment and supervision of the company's quarries, depots and other outside activities.

In about 1912 Winstone Ltd built a large cement store, shingle and sand bins, firewood cutting plant, shingle washing and screening plant in Auckland.

In 1915 Winstone Ltd purchased a half interest in O'Reilly Brothers' tile factory in Taumarunui. This went into liquidation in 1920 but was re-formed under the name Winstones' Roofing Tile Works Ltd Also in 1915, WP Winstone was appointed director of transport and manufacturing at Winstone Ltd.

Frederick Winstone died in 1919 and George Winstone jnr succeeded him as Managing Director, while FG Baskett took over as Secretary.

In 1922 an office was opened in Wellington, principally to handle the importation of coal from Australia, then dealing in building supplies.

In 1924 William Winstone died and FG Baskett was appointed a Director the first from outside the Winstone family.

In 1927 Winstone Ltd became the sole agents for the distribution of gibraltar board manufactured by NZ Wallboards Ltd and FG Baskett became the Chairman of NZ Wallboards Ltd.

In 1928 Winstone Ltd became a shareholder in NZ Wallboards Ltd.

Then in 1929 it merged with WA Chote Ltd of Wellington, which became known as Winstone Ltd, and WA Chote was made a director of the company. FG Haycock was appointed manager of Wellington branch. In 1930 Winstone Ltd purchased a majority shareholding in NZ Wallboards Ltd.

In 1932 HO England became Sales Manager for Winstone Ltd and in the same year George Winstone became Chairman on the death of his father.
FG Haycock joined the Board of Directors in 1933 and in the following year (1934) WA Chote (director) died.

In 1936 Winstone Ltd established Victor Plasters Ltd in Auckland in a joint venture with Australian Plaster Industries Pty Ltd. In that year they also began quarrying operations in Mt Wellington, Auckland (Lunn Avenue Quarry).

In 1938 an office was opened in Hamilton, then in 1948 in Wanganui, followed by one in Palmerston North.

In 1947 Winstone Roofing Tile Works Ltd opened a plant in Plimmerton.

In 1949 Eric G Winstone became Managing Director. FG Baskett relinquished the post of Secretary to establish Winstone's London office and arrange the formation of a company there, in 1950, known as Winstone Products (New Zealand) Ltd. CH Emery replaced him as Secretary. Owen Winstone was given responsibility for the London office until 1951, when FG Haycock took over. He was replaced in 1952 by CH Emery, followed by BR Winstone in 1953. In 1953 a permanent manager, RG Bridge, was appointed.

In October 1953 CM Kay was appointed to the Board of Directors. Also in that year, Winstones opened branches in Napier and Tauranga and established a plant for making concrete masonry blocks in Auckland.

In 1954 George Winstone resigned as Chairman but remained a director and Eric Winstone became Chairman with FG Baskett, Deputy Chairman.

In 1956 Winstone Ltd acquired Blackburne, Smith and Company Ltd, builders supply merchants, in Christchurch. The company traded as Winstone Blackburne Smith Ltd until 1963 when its name was changed to Winstone (S.I.) Ltd. This company acted as the South Island merchandising section of Winstone Ltd. Also in 1956 HO England died.

In 1958 George Winstone died. A branch office of Winstone Ltd was opened in Rotorua.

In November 1959 AH Winstone joined the Board of Directors. Also in that year the tile works in Taumarunui were closed.

In 1960 DE Jackson was appointed Distribution Manager of Winstone Ltd. Also in 1960 Huntly Brick & Fireclay Company Ltd, which had formerly been distributor of Winstone products, became a wholly- owned subsidiary under the name Huntly Brick Co Ltd. This company manufactured building bricks and general purpose fire bricks. Also about 1960, Winstone Ltd acquired a controlling interest in the Alert Towing Company Ltd.

In 1961 FG Haycock retired as manager of Wellington office, but remained a director, and was replaced as manager by CM Kay. In London RG Bridge was appointed resident director. Winstone Ltd acquired the firm of Hardie Bros Ltd, involved in quarrying, transport, and merchandising of a wide range of building materials, in Northland. A block-making plant was also opened in Te Rapa.

In May 1962 more acquisitions were made when Winstone Ltd acquired all the shares in CH Cranby & Co Ltd of Napier (renamed Winstone, Cranby Ltd) and Tauwhare Supplies Ltd, with quarry and plant near Hamilton.

In 1963 Winstones acquired L.W. Waldron & Sons Ltd, quarry operators, and its subsidiary Specified Concrete Ltd of Whangarei, which manufactured ready-mix concrete.

In 1964 another company, Whangarei Transport Ltd, which was involved in transport and quarrying, was acquired. Winstone Roofing Tile Works Ltd changed its name to Winstone Clay Products. Also in 1964 FG Haycock retired from the Board of Directors and DE Jackson was appointed in his place.

In 1965 BR Winstone retired as a director and AC Pryde replaced him. CG Hillier became Secretary of Winstone Ltd.

In July 1966 CM Kay retired as Wellington Manager of Winstone Ltd and the Assistant Manager, KO Jarvis, was appointed in his stead. CM Kay continued as a Director and KO Jarvis was also appointed Director.

In 1967 FG Baskett retired as Director and Deputy Chairman and CG Hillier was appointed a Director in his place. AH Winstone became Deputy Chairman. In 1968 EG Winstone retired as Managing Director and DP Winstone became Managing Director, OK Winstone became Deputy Managing Director and BD Bramfield became Secretary. In March the operations of JJ Craig Ltd, which had been wholly-owned by NZ Wallboards Ltd for some years, were integrated with those of Winstone Ltd.

In 1969 AH Winstone became Chairman on the retirement of EG Winstone. CH Emery retired as Director and the number of Board members was reduced to eight members.

In 1970 Winstone Ltd acquired Wilsons (NZ) Portland Cement Ltd jointly with The Golden Bay Cement Company Ltd and in September The Auckland Glass Company Ltd. It sold its shareholdings in the partly-owned subsidiaries Steel Benders & Supplies Ltd and Plastic Engineers Ltd and the operations of the wholly-owned subsidiaries Smeeds Quarries Ltd and Henry's Sand Ltd were incorporated with those of the parent company and Smeeds Quarries Ltd was liquidated. KT Wilkinson Ltd, quarry operator at Plimmerton, ceased operating in October and its assets were sold. Also, in December, the property-owning company City Investment Ltd, lost its property owning role and ceased trading.

In 1971 CM Kay retired as director and E Gallimore was appointed in his place and in October CG Hillier resigned as director and BD Bamfield was appointed in his place. In September Winstone Ltd acquired PTY Industries Ltd.

In 1972 Winstone Ltd sold its 50% holding in Winstone Floorings Ltd to its partners and, in September, sold its interests in Belspray Asphalts Ltd and Belspray Bulk Bitumen Ltd. It also acquired the remaining 50% interest in Atlas Concrete Products Ltd, which continued trading until August 1972 when it became non-operating. NZ Wallboards Ltd changed its name to Winstone Wallboards Ltd.

In 1972 the number of directors was increased to ten and NT Gedye (General Manager, Winstone Wallboards Ltd) and AW Mason (Managing Director, PTY Industries Ltd) were appointed to the Board. OK Winstone retired as Deputy Managing Director and KO Jarvis succeeded him. Also in 1972 LJB Hawker became Secretary.

In April 1973 Winstone Ltd acquired Vibrapac Blocks Ltd of Christchurch, a major concrete and masonry manufacturer operating in the main centres of the South Island. Its operations were incorporated into Winstone (S.I.) Ltd in October. In August it also acquired a 37% shareholding in Waikato Metal Supplies Ltd, whose principal asset was a metal quarry at Ngaruawahia. In November the company purchased Cemac Holdings Ltd, AW Treseder & Co Ltd and Cemac Modular Industries Ltd. Included in the acquisition was a 50% holding in Cemac (Hong Kong) Ltd and a one third interest in Partition Contractors Ltd.

In 1974 DP Winstone retired as Managing Director and KO Jarvis assumed the position. A new Deputy Managing Director was not appointed in Jarvis's place. AC Pryde retired as a director and was succeeded by JD Lethbridge. In March Winstone Ltd purchased the ready-mixed concrete business of ER Holmes Ltd and Taupo, which provided the base for the establishment of a Winstone branch in Taupo. Then, in May, it acquired the partnership trading as Dimond Industries, together with Dimond Properties Ltd and Thomson Metal Industries Ltd plus 50% of the issued capital of HC Senior & Co Ltd. the activities of the partnership and Dimond Properties Ltd then operated as Dimond Industries Ltd.

In March 1975 DE Jackson retired as director and LJB Hawker was appointed to fill the vacancy. WA Mason resigned in November and LR Willis replaced him as a director. In April Winstone Ltd purchased Highrock Quarries Ltd and Wainui Metal Transport Ltd, together with certain assets of JS King & Sons Ltd. These companies serviced the Helensville, Silverdale and Whangaparoa areas.

It also acquired a 30% shareholding in WA Herkt & Sons Ltd based at Papakura. Corporate restructuring culminating in Winstone Ltd becoming the holding company for the Group, prividing overall administrative, financial and other services was completed and Winstone (Wgtn) Ltd commenced operation in the former Wellington trading area. In July Winstone Quarries Ltd commenced operation by taking over the business previously carried out by the Auckland based quarries division of Winstone Ltd. In October, Winstone (Waikato-Bay of Plenty) Ltd commenced operation in the former Waikato-Bay of Plenty trading area.

In April 1976, as part of the restructuring, Winstone (Auckland) Ltd commenced operation as a separate entity to service the former Auckland trading area. In February Winstone Ltd acquired Kimberley Construction Ltd and its activities were integrated with those of PTY Homes Ltd. It also purchased Roskill Glass Co Ltd, which continued to operate as a separate entity until March 31 1977, when it became a branch of the Auckland Glass Co Ltd.

In 1977 DC Algie was Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of Winstone Ltd, HM Barrance was Executive General Manager, BA Bartley was GM - Central Engineering Services, RW O'Neill was GM - Group Development, HD Chambers was GM - Group Management Services, RL Nisbet was GM - Group Marketing and JH Bode was Chief Accountant. In November KO Jarvis (Managing Director) died and BD Bramfield was appointed in his place. JB Ede became a director of the company. Acquisitions included, in March, a further 15.1% of Winstone-Rocla Pipes Ltd (taking the shareholding to 75.1%, with the balance held by Rocla Concrete Pipes Ltd of Australia) and in April Bays Glazing Service Ltd. From April 1978, the latter operated as the North Shore branch of the Auckland Gass Company Ltd. Also, in April, Winstone Ltd increased its holding in Partition Contractors Ltd to 100% and the company became a subsidiary of Cemac Holdings Ltd. In January PTY Industries Ltd was sold (sawmill and operations at Putaruru, the Waotu Forest and timber merchandising division). The 60% shareholding in King Masonry Ltd was also sold in April.

In 1978 OK Winstone retired from the Board of Directors and Dr JC Maiden was appointed in his place. HJ Bode became Executive General Manager and AF Green succeeded him as Chief Accountant. JS Farmer was also appointed Executive General Manager. In April Winstone Ltd purchased the remaining 50% of Cemac (Hong Kong) Ltd and in October Novakey (NZ) Ltd became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winstone Plastics Ltd with the purchase of the remaining 50% shareholding. The 50% holding in HC Senior & Co Ltd was sold in April. In October a pulp mill owned and operated by Winstone Samsung Industries Ltd, a joint venture partnership with the Chonju Paper Manufacturing Co Ltd of Korea, commenced operations. In July Winstone (Australia) Pty Ltd commenced business.

In 1979 Winstone-Rocla Pipes Ltd became a wholly-owned subsidiary with the purchase of the remaining shares from Rocla Concrete Pipes Ltd and in April Winstone Ltd acquired Timmo's Sawmills Ltd of Raetihi and this became a subsidiary of Winstone Afforestation Ltd. Then, in June, it purchased a 75% shareholding in Kubor Earthmoving (PNG) Pty Ltd and Doa Motors Pty Ltd in Papua New Guinea. In the same year, in April, it sold Winstone Civil Construction Ltd and Winstone Chemicals Ltd and its 41% holding in Stresscrete Industries Ltd. Then, in October, it sold its 50% holding in Certified Concrete Ltd.

In April 1980 The Auckland Glass Co Ltd purchased the remaining 53.5% shareholding in Otahuhu Glass Co Ltd and Winstone Ltd purchased the remaining 50% shareholding in Vibrapac Masonry (Nelson) Ltd. Glamatex Products Ltd and Marblestone Industries Ltd became wholly-owned subsidiaries of Winstone Wallboards Ltd. In June Winstone Ltd acquired Wm Scollay & Co (PNG) Pty Ltd of Port Moresby and this was subsequently renamed Winstone (PNG) Pty Ltd. Winstone Ltd transferred its 50% holding in Wilsons (NZ) Portland Cement Ltd to The Golden Bay Cement Co Ltd and took a 20% holding in The Golden Bay Cement Co Ltd in return.

In 1981 CJ Maiden became Deputy Chairman of Winstone Ltd and JB Ede became Deputy Managing Director. The number of Executive General Managers was reduced to one, HJ Bode. JD Lethbridge died and G Butler replaced him as director and BD Bamfield also died. JB Ede succeeded him as Managing director and in April 1982 he was replaced as a director by JA Burnet.

In 1982 the number of General Managers was reduced to two; RW O'Neill as GM - Group Development and BA Bartley as GM - Central Engineering Services. In April The Auckland Glass Co Ltd purchased the plant and inventories of Keith Seiverts Ltd and in June Winstone (Wgtn) Ltd did the same with Nelson- based Potters Clay Ltd. In September Winstone Plastics Ltd acquired a 50% interest in Plastic Granulators (NZ) Ltd of Otaki (increasing it to 51.6% in 1983).

In November Winstone Ltd acquired Gorrie Ready Mix Concrete Ltd in the Wellington area. Then, in December, Winstone (S.I.) Ltd acquired the concrete block making plant and inventories of McGill's Concrete Ltd. Also in 1982 Winstone (Aust) Pty Ltd increased its holding in Key Plastics Pty Ltd from 30% to 60%. Winstone Ltd sold WA Herkt & Sons Ltd, Winstone (PNG) Pty Ltd (in April) and its 20% interest in The Golden Bay Cement Co. Ltd.

In 1983 LJB Hawker retired as a director and was replaced by AG Fairhall. The number of directors was increased to eleven and on the retirement of AH Winstone WR Jackson and BR Judge were appointed directors. LR Willis succeeded AH Winstone as Chairman. The role of Executive General Manager ceased and KG Avery was appointed to the new position of Personal Assistant to the Managing Director. The company established Marblestone Coatings Pty Ltd in NSW, Australia in April and in July acquired Premier Pressed Metal Processors Pty Ltd of NSW.

In 1984 Bruce Jamieson became Secretary of Winstone Ltd. NT Gedye and DP Winstone retired as directors and were replaced by PD Bone and Bruce Hancox. In Australia Winstone Ltd purchased the remaining 50% of Osborne Metal Industries (NSW) Pty Ltd, which was renamed Winstone Metal Industries Pty Ltd and, in October, purchased the remaining shares in Key Plastics Pty Ltd which was then renamed Winstone (Queensland) Pty Ltd. The company also acquired Sprayright Irrigation Ltd.

In 1985 Winstone Ltd executive officers were IS Drysdale, Corporate Management Services Manager; RL Nisbet, Corporate Affairs Manager and NS Turner, Corporate Employee Services Manager. In June BR Judge resigned from the Board of Directors and was replaced by PD Collins. Winstone Ltd increased its holding in Glamatex Sales (Australia) Pty Ltd of Melbourne to 98% and, in April Winstone Pty Ltd acquired the Milnes Group in Bendigo, Victoria.

Odlins Ltd was acquired in April and in July the trading assets of Dudding Bros Ltd were acquired and integrated into Winstone Trading Ltd. Also in 1985, Winstone Ltd became a partly-owned subsidiary of Brierley Investments Ltd.

In June 1986 Winstone Ltd acquired the shares held by Chonju Paper Manufacturing Co Ltd in Winstone Samsung Industries Ltd, which subsequently changed its name to Winstone Pulp Industries Ltd. Wilkes Construction Co Ltd, Tingeys Ltd, Prestige Homes Corporation Ltd and Odlins Finance were all sold, as was the 50% interest in Hawkes Bay Forests Ltd. G Butler retired from the Board of Directors and JW Holdsworth replaced him. CC Thomas replaced IS Drysdale as Corporate Management Services Manager of Winstone Ltd.

In 1988 Briely Investments Ltd aquired Winstone Ltd

In 1988 Fletcher Challenge Building acquired Winstone Aggregates Ltd and Winstone Wallboards Ltd from Briely Investments Ltd