Winstone Aggregates Ltd

Date established

Winstone Aggregates had its beginnings in 1864 when William Winstone established his cartage business on the Auckland waterfront. One of his first jobs was transporting aggregates for the building of the Great South Road.

In 1936 Lunn Avenue Quarry commenced operations

Since the quarry began operating in 1936, some 18 million cubic metres or 32 million tonnes of rock has been excavated (1995 Company Brochure)

78 employees are involved in the production process which consumes, on average, 58,cx:xJ litres of diesel fuel and electric power in excess of a quarter of a million dollars per annum. This is an average of 250,cx:xJ units of electricity per month, which can be compared with the average household consumption of approximately 1,{XX) units per month.

Electric motors installed in the three operating plants total 4,837 horsepower. Motor sizes range from 1 Hp up to 300 Hp.

The second largest motor is 250 Hp on a dewatering pump on the quarry floor which, together with two 150 Hp pumps, can remove stormwater at the rate of 6,000 gallons per minute. The 300 Hp motor is on the primary crusher for No.1 Plant, the 42 inch Nordberg Gyratory. 42 inch is effectively the largest sized stone this crusher will accept. It is the largest crusher in New Zealand and is a major unit by world standards. The total crusher weight is 140 tons and th,e heaviest single lift for the plant cranes is the 42 ton head assembly.

It is generally considered that approximately half of all stone products used in Auckland City has been supplied by this quarry.

The single biggest contract supplied by Lunn Ave Quarry was 160,000 of concrete aggregate for the Mangere Airport, runway, taxiways and hardstanding areas. The job lasted 2 years; during that time the quarry was crushing for 56 hours per week, mainter" Ice time was extra. Floodlights at the face and haul roads facilitated night-time crushing operations.

As the "hole" has grown larger the quarry has attracted increasing numbers of wildlife, particularly birds, and today; many species have made Lunn Ave Quarry their home. In 1936 when the quarry was started, it was "out in the sticks" without any buildings in sight. Over the life of the quarry and especially during the past 20 years the City has expanded to the point where we are closely surrounded by high quality housing. This has meant a continual change in the size and strength of blasting, and general quarrying methods in recognition of the concern and comfort of our neighbours ( Winstone Aggregates Ltd Company Brochure, 1995).

1956 Puketutu Island Quarry in the Manukau Harbour was opened as a scoria pit and subsequently developed as a high grade basalt quarry. The Puketutu Island is linked to the mainland by a causeway.

1959 Hunua Quarry was taken-over on December 18 1959. Production started in the New Year (Winstone Ltd Quarry Committee minute book 1960: series 0790/1/6).

1962 Puketutu Quarry supplied scoria to the Auckland International Airport in 30 trucks specially imported for the job. The largest trucks in New Zealand at the time, they were given special road licences to operate.

1963 Winstone Limited acquired L.W. Waldron & Sons Limited (quarry operators, and its subsidiary Specified Concrete Limited of Whangarei, which manufactured ready-mix concrete).

1964 Whangarei Transport Limited, which was involved in transport and quarrying, was acquired

1967 The Puketutu Quarry output ached 260, 000cubic metres.

1970 Sold the operations of the wholly-owned subsidiaries Smeeds Quarries Ltd, and Henry's Sand Ltd were incorporated with those of the parent company. Smeeds Quarries Ltd was liquidated. KT Wilkinson Ltd, quarry operator at Plimmerton, ceased operating in October and its assets were sold.

1975 Winstone Limited purchased Highrock Quarries Limited
and Wainui Metal Transport Limited, together with certain assets of JS King & Sons Limited, also acquired a 30% shareholding in WA Herkt & Sons Limited based at Papakura

Winstone Quarries Limited commenced operation by taking over the business previously carried out by the Auckland based quarries division of Winstone Limited.

Firth Industries Ltd purchase Hinuera Quarry (Parkinson Building Stone Co Ltd) and was part of the Natural Stone Division until the 1988 when it became part of the Concrete Products Division.

The 60% shareholding in King Masonry Limited was also sold.

1976 The Pukekawa Quarry closes (The quarry was formerly owned by the Smeed family for three generations and is known in the area as Smeed's Quarry)

1980 Winstone Limited acquired W m Scollay & Co (PNG) Pty Limited of Port Moresby (renamed Winstone (PNG) Pty Limited).

1984 Winstone Limited purchased the remaining 50% of Osborne Metal Industries (NSW) Pty Limited (renamed Winstone Metal Industries Pty Limited)

1988 Pukekawa Quarry reopens

1988 Winstone Limited was merged with Fletcher Challenge Limited

2001 Lunn Avenue Quarry closed

On March 23 2001 the Fletcher Challenge Group ceased to exist and Fletcher Building was listed on the NZSE as a stand a lone company.