Fletcher Challenge Archives

Date established
In 1986 a report by the Fletcher Challenge Information Service recommended the establishment of a professionally managed and housed repository to contain the collections of the three founding company's of Fletcher Challenge Ltd - Fletcher Holdings Ltd, Challenge Corporation Ltd and the Tasman Pulp & Paper Company.

In 1986 Joanna Newman was appointed archivist of Fletcher Challenge Ltd, initially based at the head Office in Wellington, but later in Auckland when the head office was moved to the Penrose site in 1987.

In 1991 the archives were housed in a new building Penrose West, located at 585 Great South Road, Penrose. The archive was part of the Archives and Records Management Division, which was responsible for the current and inactive records of the company.

In 1993 Karen Muller was appointed Archivist

Dorothy Neilson was appointed in 1997.

The collection consisted of business records from the acquisition and mergers of the companies that have contributed to the development of Fletcher Challenge Limited. The records held in the archives are of the subsidiaries and antecedents of the three founding companies.

On the first of January 2001 the ownership of the Fletcher Challenge Archives transferred from Fletcher Challenge Ltd to the Fletcher Challenge Trust

The change of ownership was the result of the company embarking on a restructuring and separation process to establish separate companies of the four share divisions. The result of the separation process was the dissolution of the corporate office of which the Archives had been a part.