Fletcher Trust & Investment Company Ltd

Date established
Date closed
The Fletcher Trust and Investment Company Ltd was incorporated on 18 May 1925. The three brothers, James, William and Andrew Fletcher had equal holdings with a minor holding by their sister Mary Fletcher. The three brothers were all nominated as Directors.

The policy of the Trust was to invest in property by direct ownership and also in shares held in property companies. In doing so was complementary to the operations of the Fletcher Construction Company.

In 1941 The Trust Company was sold to Fletcher Holdings Ltd on 18 November 1941.

In 1954 Fletcher Holdings Ltd reorganised the structure of the company and regrouped the activities of the subsidiaries. As a result the management of land and buildings of the company was transferred to the newly established Fletcher Trust and Investment Company Ltd. Also within the scope of the Trust Company was the control of the investments of the whole group. In 1954 the main investment was the 700,000 fully paid up shares held in the Tasman Pulp & Paper Company Ltd.

In 1965 AW Craig and WA Bourke were appointed to the board of Fletcher Trust & Investment Company.

[2] In a Fletcher Holdings group re-organisation in March 1967, the Board of Fletcher Trust & Investment Company Ltd became JC Fletcher (Chairman), JH Churton (Managing Director), JJ Craig, J Espie, KG Fraser, TWH Hobbs (executive director) HF Molony and L Smith (Secretary).[1]

In 1971 under a company reorganisation the Fletcher trust and Investment Company Ltd ceased to a trading entity but remained custodian of the investment portfolio of the group and nominal proprietary of most of the fixed asset properties used and occupied by the trading subsidiaries.

In 1982 Fletcher Trust & Investment sold its 12.5% shareholding in New Zealand Light Leathers Ltd.[3]

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