Fletcher Industries Ltd

Date established
Date closed
In 1954 Fletcher Holdings Ltd reorganised the structure of the company and formed seven categories which included The Fletcher Industries Ltd.

In 1956 The Fletcher Industries Ltd was formally registered. The companies under Fletcher Industries Ltd control were: New Zealand Plywood Ltd, Penrose, Dominion Industries Ltd, Christchurch, Duroid Products (NZ) Ltd, Onehunga & Dunedin, New Zealand Marble Company Ltd, Auckland, The Kaiwarra door Factory, Wellington, Dominion Sales Corporation Ltd. Also administrative control of New Zealand Plywood (SI) Ltd (an associate company jointly owned by the Kauri Timber Comapny and Fletcher Holdings Ltd.

The Fletcher industries Ltd was the principal manufacturing company in the group. The head office was in Auckland and branches in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

In 1965 JS Watt was appointed Chairman of Fletcher Industries Ltd and was succeeded as Managing Director by RH Hopgood.

In March 1967 Fletcher Holdings undertook a group re-organisation and the board of Fletcher Industries Ltd became JS Watt (Chairman), RH Hopgood (Managing Director), JS Fletcher, LC Ryan, RHC Walshe, NJ Mahoney (Secretary).[1]