Fletcher Merchants Ltd

Date established
Date closed
In 1963 the North Island its place was taken by Fletcher Merchants (Fletcher Hardware and the Merchandising Division of Fletcher Timber).

In 1965 WA Bourke was appointed Chairman of Fletcher Merchants and succeeded as managing diretor by RHC Walshe.

In 1967 Fletcher Holdings undertook a group re-organisation and the Board of Fletcher Merchants became WA Bourke (Chairman), RHC Walshe (Managing Director), AB Downey, JS Fletcher, RH Hopgood, ECS Falconer and RS Kelly (Secretary).[1]

Fletcher Merchants' branches in Auckland and Wellington were sold to HC Kitchen Ltd on March 31, 1972 but remained outlets for Fletcher products.

In 1970 Fletcher Merchants was absorbed by Fletcher Timber and became a division of that company