Fletcher Construction Company Ltd

Date established
The Fletcher Construction Company Ltd
Established 1919 -

1919 The Fletcher Construction Company Limited was floated.

In 1923 the Fletcher Construction Company set-up a Reinforcing Steel service to supply and fabricate reinforcing steel for the building of the Auckland University college main building (when the contract was completed, the men and machinery were moved into premises in Nelson Street)

1926 The Vulcan Steel Company was formed to provide continuing support to the Fletcher Construction Company. (the company was incorporated on May 9 1926).

In 1954 the construction activities of Fletcher Holdings were grouped under a new company, The Fletcher Construction Company Ltd. It included a commercial division, housing division, heavy construction and the Australian subsidiary, The Fletcher Construction Co Pty Ltd.

Under the reorganisation, the housing construction work of the Residential Construction Company Ltd was taken over by the Fletcher Construction Company. Late in 1954, the NZ rights for the Preload pre-stressed concrete system were acquired and resulted in the formation of the Preload division of
The Fletcher Construction Co Ltd.[1] In 1965 WA Bourke was appointed to the Board of Fletcher Construction.

In March 1967 the Board of Fletcher Holdings approved a group re-organisation and the Board of Fletcher Construction became JJ Craig (Chairman), J Espie (Managing Director), AW Craig, JC Fletcher, JS Fletcher, JG Smith and RT Arkley (Secretary).[4]
In 1968 a joint venture was formed, Mainline-Dillingham-Fletcher, which was responsible for carrying out the Downtown re-development on behalf of the Auckland Harbour Board. Construction commenced in November 1968.

Under a re-organisation of Fletcher Holdings in October 1970, Fletcher Construction established a New Business Development Division. On November 1, 1970 the Insulation and Acoustics Division was transferred to Fletcher Industries.[2]

The Mechanical Services Division (whose activities included air-conditioning, mechanical and plumbing services and industrial insulation operations) was transferred to Fletcher Industries from Fletcher Construction on April 1, 1973.[3]